Vegan Testimonial

Earlier this year I wrote a brief “vegan testimonial” for the blog Ready for Plan B. The Vegan Testimonial project is seeking to collect stories and experiences from vegans and use to them to combat stereotypes and inspire others. Pretty cool. I was inspired by reading many myself!

When I wrote my own, I tried to capture my personal essence of being vegan, living in a vegan family and raising a vegan child. I wanted to make the point that veganism is bigger than food and simply withholding meat and dairy from your body. I think it’s much more about how you eat and live. Verbs over nouns.

Anyway, I wanted to share it on my own blog and show you where you can read lots more!

Veganism is so important to me that I want everyone who is not a vegan to know: I’m a normal person and I’m vegan. My wife is a normal person and she’s vegan. Our two and half year old daughter is really normal for a two and a half year old (mine!) and is vegan. No need to be in any created category of self-described progressives, hippies or punks!

The genesis for turning to veganism for us was a concern for “animal rights.” My wife and I were both active in animal rights issues back in our college years of the late 1990s, so embracing animal ethics early in our adult lives set the course for the rest of it.

Although I’m not active in animal rights issues any longer, my diet has remained: and at this point, I’ve been vegan for almost half my life! Instead of being in formal groups or organizations, we are trying to raise our child with the same ethics and respect for animals that informed us when we were younger. But she’s also learning that the circle of compassion that defines veganism doesn’t stop at non-human animals. It’s a line of thought that mindfully requests respect for the natural world as well as for people. To us, to be vegan is not to be single-issue, but to take a holistic approach to life and all its challenges. It’s not just what you don’t eat. To be vegan is to work to be measured, balanced, considerate and thoughtful in all that you do.


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