Notebook: A Break in the Weather (2/2/2014)

The recent weather is downright frigid. The single digits meant more treadmill work than I’m willing to publicly admit. One morning the thermometer read 4 degrees F. I just turned over.

Today the chill finally broke and Philadelphia was treated to the upper 40s! In the early afternoon, I made my way down into Wissahickon Valley for what turned out to be 7 miles of slick and snowy running. The trails were frozen over into some treacherous sheets of ice and soft snow. Less than a mile into my run, I slipped on a slight incline and fell onto my right side. I looked and saw some blood on my hand from the fall.

Most of the run was really slow going. My hips and quads worked harder navigating the ice as I hopped across exposed rocks and roots to gain the only traction I could.

Starting on the northside of the Valley, I eventually crossed Wissahickon Creek via the Rex Ave. bridge, but not before climbing to the top at Seminole St. Then up the 20%+ grade on the other side of the Valley. I climbed up to Summit Ave. before heading south and crossing back to the northside on the Valley Green Rd bridge.

My run was, overall, very slow as my legs weighed heavy as I danced through the ice and snow. We’ll see how things feel tomorrow.

Oh, if you’re interested, I, finally, joined Strava. Let’s meet up there as it’s my new obsession!


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