Notebook: Warm day and too much road running (2/22/2014)

Winter is not over and Philadelphia is seeing its third snowiness on record. So far, the season dumped almost five feet of snow on us. It’s covered the trails where I usually run and the frigid temperatures turned otherwise passable sections into well polished table tops. What thawed left ankle to shin deep snow to trudge through. Unfortunately, I don’t own snowshoes.

So today I take to the pavement. Again. Reluctantly. My 12 miles is the farthest I ran continuously on road surfaces since 2011. Because the weather was pleasant and reached into the 50s, I had plenty of company. Joining the packs on the Wissahickon Creek bike path and the Drives hugging the Schuylkill River was a strange experience. I’m not accustomed to sharing so much of my running space. But the road force travels in herds and I was among them. As I pass others or am passed, I notice, over and over again, the scent of detergent. Everyone is so fresh and clean.

Spring arrives in twenty-five days and with its arrival we can say good-bye to this tenacious winter. I’m board with the roads and keen to return to the fun and happiness of the the trails!

Steps near Wissahickon bike trail, 2/22/2014

Steps near the Wissahickon bike path, 2/22/2014

Wissahickon Creek, near Rittenhouse Town, 2/22/2014

Wissahickon Creek, near Rittenhouse Town, 2/22/2014


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