Early Fall Outing to Bald Eagle State Forest


The climb up Poe Mountain via the Loggers Path, September 25, 2016

With the chill just staring to settle in, our running group left Rothrock for a morning of exploration in Bald Eagle State Forest on September 25, 2016. Temperatures were hovering the 40s as we parked at the Sand Mountain Trail Head, a staging area for ATVs. I wished I brought gloves for what for sure the coldest morning of the season.

I sketched out about 17.5 miles of running as a introduction to Bald Eagle. We’d head down Stillhouse Rd and hook up with the the Mid State Trail (where that section is called Greens Valley Trail) before linking with the Loggers Path and finally connecting with the various ATV trails taking us back to the trail head.

The biggest surprise was the climb out of Big Poe Valley from Poe Valley Rd up Loggers Path which ascended 672 feet in a half mile with grades of almost 50% in some sections.

Hoping to head back this weekend to catch some of the fall color along the MST. Unfortunately, we were a bit early to experience it fully.


Climbing along the Mid State Trail, September 25, 2016


Beautiful decent along the MST, September 25, 2016


Almost at the top of Poe Mountain with Spruce Mountain in the distance, September 25, 2016


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