Photos from January and February 2016 Trail Running

This morning, as the temperature fell and rain and clouds covered State College leaving a grey covering, I was reminded about fall and winter running. Our surrounding forests look just as spectacular during the cold months as they do in the summer. To reminisce, I took a stroll through some old photographs from last January and February when I started seriously running again. All of these images were captured in Rothrock State Forest which comprises of over 96,000 acres in Huntingdon, Centre and Mifflin counties in central Pennsylvania. I thought I’d share a few here and link the photos to my routes on Strava.


January 31, 2016. Heavy snow and ice made for a 3 hour, 15 mile run. Taken from the Wampler Road vista in Rothrock State Forest, the first vista I fell in love with. Although the leaves are gone and the colors have left us for the season, the beauty of the forest remains, a different, more unguarded beauty.


February 6, 2016. 14 mile out and back mostly along the Mid State Trail. Nittany Mountain can be seen quite well from this view at the Roman Tower on the Mid State. Lemont and State College are to the left. The next three photos are from the same outing.


February 6, 2016. Rocky outcropping along the Mid State Trail.


February 6, 2016. I love running along the Tussey Mountain ridge line. The trial is beautiful complete with vistas and overlooks. And the trail flows like a soft ribbon.


February 14, 2016. I remember this run. 10 miles from Jo Hays Vista via the Mid State and Jackson Trails. Snow, ice, rocks and one the coldest days in an otherwise mild winter. If I can remember correctly, the high was around 10-12 degrees.


February 23, 2016. I think the solitude of winter trail running is reflected in this image. Even the trees appear to be minding themselves. Animals are hidden, birds are silent. Just me and the mountain.


February 27, 2016. An 18 mile day incorporating Lonberger Path, Kettle Trail and the Mid State Trail. This is Tussey Mountain Trail. In 2006 a wild fire scarred this section of the mountain and the results are still visible.


February 27, 2016. Mid State Trail. Taking it all in.


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