Western States Lottery

Coming off of my first completed 100 mile finish at Eastern States in August taking on other 100 milers have been on my mind in 2018. There’s no doubt ES is a tough, grueling and gritty race. The North Central Pennsylvania mountain race offers up 20,000 feet of elevation gain as runners are sent down into thick, humid hollers only to climb right back up once splashing in the inevitable creek (or “crick,” or “run,” or “draft” depending on what part of state you’re from) on the other side.

When I think about other 100 milers to consider, I definitely want ones on the harder end of the spectrum. Ones that force me to train and at the end provide an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Ones that challenge me immensely. So since Eastern States is a Western States qualifier, I decided to throw my hat into the lottery.

I understand that my chance of being selected is low. Real low. Like under 2% low. But I’d eventually like to run it and your chances increase each consecutive year you apply. Have to start somewhere, might as well be now. I’ll find out, along with thousands of other hopefuls, on December 2, 2017 if I make the lottery.

In the meantime, I’ll be making plans in the background assuming WS is a no-go this year. But because I’d like to apply again, I’ll have run another WS qualifier. In keeping with my plan to run tough races, Massanutten in Virginia fits the bill. Plus, it’s only a few hours away from my house. Wouldn’t mind some feed back about the race. Have you run it? Crewed it? Volunteered at it? Compare it to ES? Let me know! Love to hear all about it.


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